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Bio-Energy Therapy

What is Bio Energy Therapy?

circle_what_is_bio_energy_therapyBio-Energy Therapy is an amazing healing technique used to balance the flow of life force energy around and through the human body.

It has its origins in ancient eastern healing techniques, which were based on the belief that when the flow of life force energy, or chi, becomes disrupted, stagnant, imbalanced or depleted, personal frequency vibrates incorrectly and illness begins to take form. Bio-energy Therapy is concerned with balancing these energy flows to restore the body’s natural regeneration process.

It is now widely accepted and has been scientifically proven, that the human body is not just a physical structure made of molecules and atoms, but is composed of fields of vibrating energy, refreshing and exchanging information within and around the body. This energy, which is responsible for keeping us alive, is described by quantum physics and can now be photographed and measured electronically. Ways of working with this energy, including Bio-energy Therapy, have been recognized by The World Health Organisation and are now part of health care programmes for millions of people worldwide.

The basic principle underlying Bio-Energy Therapy is, that when we are healthy and life is good, our energy flows freely and this helps to maintain good health and well-being. However, physical or emotional stress, trauma, our environment, and even our thoughts, can disrupt our energy flow and prevent our immune system from working efficiently, leading to disease and ill-health.

Bio-Energy Therapy works by reactivating the body’s natural healing system. The Therapist locates the imbalances and then proceeds to release energy blockages through a series of unique hand movements, enabling the life energy to flow. The Therapist may also offer some general advice with regard to life style, nutrition, exercise, stress management and the importance of a positive attitude.

Bio-Energy Therapy is completely natural and is safe and effective for all ages. Clients worldwide have reported positive outcomes in a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, asthma, arthritis, backache, colic, depression, digestive disorders, insomnia, lack of energy, migraine, muscle tension, skin problems, vertigo, and many more.


A treatment programme of Bio-Energy is carried out in forty-five minute sessions over four consecutive days and takes place in a private and relaxed setting. It is a non-invasive therapy that requires no special equipment, oils or physical manipulation. For the first part of the session the client remains standing, if possible, and for the second part the client is seated or lying down. The client remains fully clothed and there is minimal physical contact between the therapist and the client. People generally find the sessions to be deeply relaxing.

As the treatment is being carried out, clients may have feelings of tingling, heat, coolness or a pulling sensation. These are simply an indication that the energy is moving and a release of energy is taking place. Some clients report a feeling of lightness or floating, while others experience heaviness, but many people do not experience any sensation at all. It is important to note that what the client feels or does not feel during therapy, is no indication of the success or otherwise of the therapy.

Around the second or third day, some clients experience a cleansing and release, which may appear as if their condition is worsening. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘healing crisis’ and is in fact, a sign that healing is taking place.

On the fourth day of the treatment, the therapist may go through a health care programme with the client, explaining any changes that need to be made regarding diet, exercise, rest, attitude or other. This is an essential part of the process and is of vital importance in creating the environment, which will facilitate continued healing and better health.

Cost: €200 (includes 4 sessions on 4 consecutive days)

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