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Attending this workshop provides a new and exciting opportunity for you to connect with the universal energy that connects us all! It is our intention that participants will leave the workshop feeling empowered, energised, excited and eager to learn more about our infinite ability to heal ourselves and others.



Date OCTOBER 13TH 2019
Time 10.30AM to 2.30PM

The Pilates Studio, Monksland, Athlone

Cost €60
Course Content

This workshop is for you if you:


Are curious about energy healing
Would like to learn a few simple energy healing techniques to keep your family well
Would like to raise your own vibration
Would like 4 hours of fun & relaxation on a Sunday


What you will learn:

How to feel energy
How energy gets blocked
How to clear energy blockages
How to keep your energy flowing


What to expect:

We will begin with some Chi Kung Exercises (very basic). This will include physical exercises to gently clear energy blockages in the joints and meta physical exercises to help us tune in to that sense that enables us to feel the energy

We will look at the energy system- chakras, meridians & auric fields

We will cover basic bio energy techniques for the balancing the energy system

We will end with a beautiful but powerful guided meditation to clear emotional blockages in the organs of the body

All activities can be repeated at home to promote ongoing healing

Booking EMAIL
Oonagh 087 2979367