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Carol, Ballinasloe
I took my 5 year old son for Bio Energy treatment last summer. I had concerns for quite a while regarding his complexion looking very grey and sickly for at least two years. On numerous occasions when he was attending play school he would come home and feel lifeless. I would also have worried about him academically, as I found he had difficulty communicating what he had learned and this frustrated him at times and he was starting National School in September.

The therapist has a wonderful way of communicating with children, and he seemed very comfortable in her company. It was amazing to see the change in him after his 4 sessions. Immediately after his first session his complexion was glowing. I could actually see it change before my eyes. The therapist recommended some dietary changes and supplements. What astonished me the most, was his learning ability completely changed. He went to school that September and is absolutely thriving. Homework is never a problem. He is a confident little chap. He has so much energy now and is involved in lots of activities like swimming, hurling, Irish dancing and Scouts. Bio Energy treatment transformed my son’s life and mine as my anxiety for him have completely vanished.

Marie, Athlone

When I went for Bio-Energy Therapy I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. After being on tablets for two years I still felt I wasn’t coping very well. My whole life changed after the first session. I had so much more confidence. I wasn’t staying in the house by myself without worrying that something was going to happen me. I could drive my car without the fear I would have a heart attack and so on. That was two years ago and I still go back for a top up every three to six months.

Caroline, Ballinasloe

For 16 years I had suffered from neck pain, living daily with manageable pain but restricted movement especially for my left side. I would also experience 2 to 3 episodes per year of extreme pain when my neck would go into spasm causing me to be absent from work for two weeks at a time. I attended a chiropractor and my GP gave me pain relief and muscle relaxants. A MRI scan revealed bulging, protrusion and degeneration to my C5, C6 and C7

During the first session I felt a huge emotional stress releasing from my body. I had carried huge pain in my heart for my niece whom I had lost the previous year and also pain of losing my dad who had suffered from Alzheimer’s for a few years. Over the four days I released more stress from my body. I experienced immediate relief with my neck pain and one year later I have had no episodes of neck spasm, no absenteeism from work, no GP bills and I have not attended a chiropractor since. The therapist gave me lots of information about the importance of good nutrition daily supplements, visualization and recommended deep tissue massage for my back and neck muscles and of course incorporating my regular bio energy sessions.


Thank you for giving me my life back. Before Bio Energy I never thought it would be possible for me to be pain free and feel contentment within myself.

Brigid, Ballinasloe

I am a busy working mother, granny, wife, domestic engineer and clocking up the years. I thought that having low energy levels was due to age and the above mentioned qualifications. I went for Bio Energy Therapy over 6 weeks ago and since then my energy levels are so much better. As the energy body is a template for the physical body I found that I got instant relief from hip/low back pain and neck tension that often caused headaches. I found bio energy to be a safe, very gentle and nurturing treatment, that released energy blocks formed by suppressed emotions. I am so much calmer and cope much better. My mind is clear and positive. Bio Energy has worked well for me on the mental, spiritual and physical level.

Lorraine, Athlone

It is almost two years since I had my first experience of Bio-Energy. Physically and mentally I was on a major low! Having suffered with stomach problems for almost 30 years and various life changing events happening to me, I could take no more! I had done all the doctor thing but to no avail. My first bio-energy treatment my husband had to drive me I had so little energy. I could just about do my job and care for my three kids. I cannot describe or explain bio-energy but one thing I know is it works! I have had regular treatments to keep myself form going down that awful road again. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work but if like me you need help go for it. Life changing.

Joe, Co.  Westmeath

For nearly 12 years I had been suffering with various ailments like migraines, joint and muscle problems, and back complaints. I had been to all kinds of practioners both medical and alternative and to no avail.  I was slowly getting worse and by the end of 2011 I was in constant pain. I was severely restricted in the tasks I was prepared to do for fear of further injuring my back and knees. I had given up all sporting activities and anything to do with lifting.  In spite of the precautions I acquired a new symptom in the form of electric shocks in my right knee. Sometimes when walking the pain would cause me to jump as if I had touched an electric wire. In desperation I made an appointment for Bio-Energy Therapy

Initially my energy increased and anxiety levels fell but my symptoms had not abated. The therapist recommended that I try hidden mind therapy. This proved to be a major turning point.  The Hidden Mind Therapist proceeded to identify my problems and administer the corrective sound therapy. I must admit to finding it strange at first but I had nothing to lose.

Over the months I gradually started to get better. The biggest change was in my back. As a former regular of the chiropractor’s surgery I no longer required his services and I was starting to do some normal activities without any reactions. My back had straightened and my shoulders which were slightly rounded were now sitting back normally as I stood and walked.

I continue to avail of Bio-Energy and corrective sound therapy once a year to maintain my health. Two years on I have made a great recovery. My energy levels are good. I am almost totally uninhibited in what I can do physically. I have recently overcome my tennis elbow problems which were the bane of my existence since I was 24 to the extent that I can do strenuous work without ill effect. I still have one or two niggles here and there but I am confident I will overcome them.