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What illnesses do you treat?Close up of a man doing breath exercises outdoor with the sky in the background

Bio-Energy & HiddenMind Therapists work at an energy level. Therefore, Bio-Energy and HiddenMind can be beneficial in treating any illness or disease.  The therapists work to clear energy blockages and to recharge the immune system so that the body can heal itself.  It doesn’t matter whether the underlying cause of the ailment is physical, emotional, or spiritual.

How does the therapy work?

Recent developments in science have proven that the body is made up entirely of energy. If the energy system becomes imbalanced as a result of stress, trauma, injury, or perhaps on-going negative thought patterns and emotions, the body’s immune system is impaired and the person becomes unwell. Through the use of specially developed hand movements, the Bio-Energy Therapist raises the vibration of the blocked energy, allowing it to be drawn out and released. This in turn allows the body to heal naturally. It is important to note that Bio-Energy/HiddenMind does not claim to cure illness but to facilitate self-healing by releasing the body’s natural energy flow.

What is the role of the therapist?

The main role of the therapist is to get the energy system balanced and flowing again. The therapist may also offer suggestions in relation to possible changes in life-style, for example, diet and exercise, dealing with stress, or changing thought patterns, so as to ensure that healing is supported and a relapse does not occur.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment is carried out over 4 consecutive days for 45 minutes to an hour each day.

How do I prepare for a treatment?

It is a good idea to free yourself from as many commitments as possible during the four days of therapy so that you can rest and renew, but otherwise no particular preparation is necessary. Some clients may increased tiredness or feel unwell when releasing trapped energy, so it is advisable to give yourself some space and time after each session.

How will I feel during the treatment?

Each person is unique and the responses to treatment are equally unique. They vary from, no reaction at all, to feelings of tingling, fatigue, coldness, heat or a prickling sensation. Some people can feel a pull as the therapist draws out the energy or even a sense of heaviness or pressure, while others experience lightness, floating, dizziness or even emotional release in the form of laughing or crying. Many experience a sense of relaxation, drowsiness and even sleep. The responses therefore, are varied but are not an indication of the success or otherwise of the therapy.

How will I feel afterwards?

The most frequently reported immediate reaction is a sense of lightness as if a weight has been lifted from the shoulders and an inner sense of well-being. Many report that symptoms have reduced, subtly altered or even vanished. Later, it is not unusual for people to experience significantly increased energy levels and many report improved sleep pattern. On rare occasions clients may feel tired and unwell for a short period as the body adjusts to the release of blocked energy and the new energy flows. This is sometimes referred to as ‘a healing crisis’ and does not last very long.

Will I be able to work while I am having treatment?

Yes. Bio-Energy Therapy & the HiddenMind Programme are completely safe and will not interfere with normal life. Some people may experience increased tiredness while healing is occurring but this should soon pass

Will I need more that the 4 sessions ?

Depending on the problem, clients may need more than four sessions to bring them to their optimal level of health. For example, where there is a deep-seated problem, which has been there for a long time.  However, therapists have reported that where clients are prepared to participate actively by making any necessary life-style changes, the rate of healing can be greatly enhanced.

Can children be treated?

Yes. In our experience children respond to the treatment very well indeed. In many instances, their self-healing can be activated even more quickly than that of adults.

Can pregnant women be treated?

Yes. Women who are pregnant can be treated during any trimester. The treatment benefits both mother and baby and if father can be present in the room during the session, he can reap the benefits also.

What about my medication?

Bio-Energy & The HiddenMind Programme are fully compatible with mainstream medicine. With regard to medication, this is strictly a matter for your medical practitioner. Even when you begin to improve, it is important that you continue taking your medication until you can then consult with your GP for advice.

How much does Treatment cost?

    • Bio Energy Therapy  €50 per session