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HiddenMind Programme

hiddenmin-cover-front1The HiddenMind Programme

The HiddenMind Programme takes place over four consecutive days. Each session last 30 – 60 minutes.

The Programme involves a combination of Bio Energy Therapy, Vibrational Kinesiology and Corrective Sound Therapy.

Bio Energy Therapy  The purpose of the Bio Energy sessions is to balance the flow of life force energy around and through the body, unlocking the natural healing process in the body.

Vibrational Kinesiology  involves bio feedback using different types of indicator tools ie. dowsing (use of a pendulum) or muscle testing and making statements to the subconscious mind, getting vital information about a person’s state of health. The subconscious mind will then indicate accurately the exact harmonics to be used for correction.

Corrective Sounds  The corrective sound protocol involves the use of special sound frequencies or harmonics. The instruments used are of Tibetan and Balinese origin and come from the Vedic / Hindu heritage. These sound frequencies are a synthesis of chakra bowls, chakra bells, copper horns, symbols, gongs and an array of oriental instruments that have been used for thousands of years. Sound frequencies can dramatically improve healing rates and restore homeostasis and balance.

The HiddenMind protocol  seeks to integrate various structural, neurological and biochemical elements more fully so that children and adults are able to access and employ more of their own potential for health and achievement.

Nutrition & Lifestyle: Clients are given guidance regarding nutrition and lifestyle approaches that will best support their healing.

Maintenance: A CD containing the sound vibrations can be purchased for use at home. Subsequent visits to a BioEnergy/Hiddenmind Practitioner are advised.


€200 (includes 4 sessions on 4 consecutive days)
€80 (individual session for clients who have received Bio Energy Therapy elsewhere)


For more information contact:

Jenny Freehill 086 8755272
Oonagh Naughton 087 2979367


For more detail visit